Get weed in the caribbeans Where to Get Weed in St. Lucia

Where to Get Weed in St. Lucia

how to buy marijuana/weed in St Lucia Where to buy/get Cannabis in St Lucia

Where to buy/get Cannabis in St Lucia. The Pitons are a pair of steeply tapered mountains on the west coast of Saint Lucia, an island country in the Eastern Caribbean. Volcanic beaches, reef diving locations, five-star resorts, and fishing communities line the shore. There are trails in the interior rainforest that lead to waterfalls like the 15-meter-tall Toraille, which cascades into a garden from a rock. Castries, the nation’s capital, is a major cruise port. Keep reading for more on how to buy marijuana/weed in St Lucia.


The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia indicated that marijuana use should be legalized in 2019. Even though it hasn’t happened yet, this shows how widely accepted the drug is. On the other hand, marijuana is still banned on the island, and anyone found using it could face serious repercussions. Tourists who are detained frequently escape by offering the authorities who detain them a bribe. If you don’t bribe the authorities, you’ll have to pay a fine or, in the worst case, go to jail. If you only have a few grams on you, you shouldn’t worry too much.

Despite the fact that everyone on the island uses drugs, smoking is not permitted. It’s advisable to be quiet, exercise caution, and watch out for law enforcement when dealing with marijuana. Apart from that, as long as you follow common sense, you should be fine.

Where to Get Weed in St. Lucia

The majority of visitors, especially men, will be offered cannabis while exploring the island. Therefore, finding marijuana in St. Lucia shouldn’t be an issue. You will undoubtedly be approached to purchase marijuana if you stroll the beach. the more popular tourist destinations and the nightclubs. People have reportedly even been invited to purchase marijuana at their lodgings. Tourist prices range greatly, but are frequently less than $1 per gram, with the majority of sellers giving quarter ounces. You should always try to negotiate a little in order to get a 20–30% discount. The quality of the weed isn’t the best because it’s grown outside, but at those prices, it’s impossible to complain.

how to buy marijuana/weed in St Lucia Where to buy/get Cannabis in St Lucia

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