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Get Weed in Cologne (Koln)

how to find weed/marijuana in Cologne Koln-Germany. Where to buy/get cannabis in Cologne-Koln.

Where to buy/get cannabis in Cologne-Koln. Cologne, a 2,000-year-old city in western Germany that spans the Rhine River, is the region’s cultural center. The twin-spired Cologne Cathedral, a showpiece of High Gothic architecture nestled among restored old town, is well famed for its gilded medieval reliquary and magnificent river views. The Romano-Germanic Museum houses Roman artifacts, while the nearby Ludwig Museum exhibits 20th-century art, including numerous Picasso masterpieces. Keep reading for more on how to find weed/marijuana in Cologne Koln-Germany.

Smoking tolerance levelย [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 4.9

Cannabis Laws in Germany

The interesting thing about Cologne is that, while cannabis is not completely legal, it is largely tolerated. Many residents smoke marijuana, and most visitors to Cologne are also looking for a good time, so it’s not uncommon.

Cannabis possession is legal as long as it is less than 10 grams. This means the cops won’t be able to do much. If you have more over 10 grams, though, you will have problems.

When it comes to public smoking, the restrictions are the same as they are in other non-legal cities. It is quite legal to smoke indoors. If you have to smoke outside, make sure you do so in a calm, secluded area. If you do it in a busy area in public, you risk being arrested.

Law Enforcement

In general, if you have ten or even fifteen grams of marijuana on you, the officers will let you go without issue. However, if you have more over 15 grams on you, they may detain you, believing you to be a dealer. Smoking is not permitted in busy areas, and even if you observe others doing so, do not follow suit. Avoid getting into trouble, especially if you’re a tourist.

Where to get cananbis/weed in Cologne(Koln)

In fact, there isn’t an authorized cannabis store in Cologne, so you’ll have to look elsewhere. There are many sites to purchase good marijuana, but if you don’t know who you’re dealing with, the quality will suffer.
The first and best option is Eberplatz. Look for dealers or simply seek assistance from the younger members of the group.

You can also check out the neighborhood near the Rhine Bridge. You’ll see Black men or men who appear to be dealers here. Simply approach them and inquire, and they will assist you. Of course, knowing a little German will help, but communication should not be a problem.

how to find weed/marijuana in Cologne Koln-Germany. Where to buy/get cannabis in Cologne-Koln.

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