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Get Weed in Moscow

how to get weed/marijuana in Moscow-Russia. Where to buy/get cannabis in Moscow-Russia.

Where to buy/get cannabis in Moscow-Russia. The nation’s cosmopolitan capital, Moscow, is located on the Moskva River in western Russia. The Kremlin, a compound that houses the president and tsarist relics in the Armoury, is located in the city’s historic heart. Red Square, Russia’s symbolic heart, is just outside its gates. The Mausoleum of Lenin, the State Historical Museum’s extensive collection, and St. Basil’s Cathedral, with its brilliant, onion-shaped domes, are all located here. Keep reading for more on how to get weed/marijuana in Moscow-Russia.

Weed Smoking tolerance level [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 1

Cannabis Laws in Moscow

Moscow’s cannabis laws are very strict. There is, however, one good thing that will help you worry a little less. You can carry up to 6 grams of marijuana and 2 grams of hashish on you, but if the cops catch you, you’ll be punished or detained for 15 days. However, if you have more than this amount, you may be arrested because it is a criminal offense.

Cannabis smoking, growing, cultivating, selling, and buying are all unlawful and will result in harsh penalties. Be cautious since the laws are severe and the cops are even stricter.

When it comes to cannabis possession and usage in Moscow, it is critical to be cautious. You will be penalized significantly if you are caught with even a gram or two. The higher the fine, the more you have on you. You’ll have to pay a fee even if the cops capture you when you’re high.

You may be arrested if you have more than 6 grams of marijuana or 2 grams of hash. Smoking is also a crime, so make sure you don’t get caught doing it in public.

How to get cannabis in Moscow

Getting cannabis in Moscow might be a difficult task. Unfortunately, many people regard marijuana as a dangerous narcotic and are hesitant to assist tourists in finding it in the city. Unlike other European countries, you won’t find vendors strolling around the city, making it difficult for a tourist to find weed.

Your best bet would be to go out late at night and hunt for dealers or locals smoking pot in nightclubs or pubs. You can simply approach them and ask for assistance.

You can also take a peek around the parks by clicking here. You may come across someone smoking marijuana and inquire as to where they obtained it. You may also encounter dealers in the parks, but you must keep an eye out for them as well as for cops.

Finally, seek out some young student populations and ask for assistance. This may be your best chance to locate weed or dealers, as they will be significantly more ready to assist you.

Marijuana Tips In Moscow

When it comes to marijuana, the laws, the cops, and even the locals are all hostile. Locals are unlikely to assist you in finding dealers in the city fast, particularly if you approach them as a tourist. This isn’t to say that they don’t use marijuana; they do!

If you’re caught with less than 6 grams on you, you can try to bribe the cop. It could work, but make sure the bribe is big rather than insignificant. Giving them too little could make them even more enraged!

how to get weed/marijuana in Moscow-Russia. Where to buy/get cannabis in Moscow-Russia. how to get weed/marijuana in Moscow-Russia.

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