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Get Weed in Salzburg

Salzburg is a city in Austria on the German border with views of the Eastern Alps. The Salzach River divides the city, with the medieval and baroque structures of the pedestrian Altstadt (Old City) on one bank and the 19th-century Neustadt (New City) on the other. Mozart’s childhood home in Altstadt has been maintained as a museum with his childhood instruments on exhibit.

Smoking tolerance level [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 3

Cannabis Laws in Salzburg

When it comes to cannabis, Salzburg is a laid-back city. Cannabis isn’t absolutely legal, but it’s also not completely illegal. This basically means that cannabis is lawful for medical and industrial purposes, but it is forbidden for recreational use.
Although cannabis seeds and hemp are legal, if the plant has a THC level of more above 0.3 percent, it becomes criminal!
Cannabis possession and consumption are both prohibited. If the officers do catch you with a tiny amount of marijuana for personal use, they’ll probably only give you a warning.
The cops may issue a fine or recommend you to a rehabilitation program in some situations. 

It is against the law to smoke it in public, therefore avoid doing so in populated areas.

Where to get weed in Salzburg

Salzburg’s cannabis culture is still in its infancy. Because the city is so small, it can be difficult for a tourist to obtain marijuana if they don’t know any residents.

You have no choice but to hunt about for street merchants. Finding them, on the other hand, could be a challenge! Simply walk about the bridges, stations, and bars in the evenings and at night. You can also take a stroll in the parks. However, keep in mind that the weed will be of inferior quality, and you may even be duped.

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