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Get weed in Shanghai, China

get weed/cannabis in Shanghai. Where to buy/get marijuana in Shanghai-China.

Where to buy/get marijuana in Shanghai-China. The largest city in China and a major financial center is Shanghai, which is located on the country’s central coast. The Bund, a well-known waterfront walkway surrounded by structures from the imperial era, is its center. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, with its characteristic pink spheres, and the 632-meter Shanghai Tower stand in the Pudong neighborhood across the Huangpu River. Traditional ponds, towers, and pavilions are seen throughout the expansive Yu Garden. Keep reading for more on how to get weed/cannabis in Shanghai.

Weed Smoking tolerance level [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 3

Cannabis Laws in Shangai

In China, the use of drugs or any action related to them is strictly prohibited. Every year, the government executes numerous people, including some foreigners, for drug-related offenses. The police generally don’t seem to care what foreigners do while they’re alone, as long as it doesn’t include a native Chinese person, but according to Lonely Planet “Shanghai,” it’s unclear what action they would take if a foreigner was seen using marijuana.
Uncertainty surrounds the police’s response to a foreigner caught with marijuana, but generally speaking, they don’t appear to care what foreigners do in private as long as it doesn’t include a native Chinese person.

Where to buy Weed in Shanghai

This transaction is incredibly simple. Just go to East Nanjing Road, wait to be approached by someone offering a “beautiful lady massage,” and inquire if they have any marijuana. Typically, they’ll make a call, and within 10 minutes, you’ll have the hash in your possession.
Additionally, near the Portman hotel in Downtown Shanghai, near Nanjing West Road Alternately, head to Zhe Jiang Middle Rd (near Nanjing East Rd.) Or perhaps the numerous foreigners that reside in the city who smoke (a more secure way of getting a good deal and weight)

get weed/cannabis in Shanghai. Where to buy/get marijuana in Shanghai-China.

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