Get weed in Tallinn

Get weed in Tallinn

Estonia has changed its stance on drugs. Small amounts for personal use were categorized as a misdemeanor in 2002 under revised rules (previously, it was a criminal offense). Those at the top, on the other hand, can get into problems.

Smoking tolerance level [1 – very illegal 5 – virtually legal]= 3

Cannabis Laws in Estonia

Tallinn has cops all over the place, especially around the old town. While they never actually pull you over and I’ve never seen anyone being searched on the street by them, their presence alone is reason to be cautious. They can apparently issue a charge sheet, but in the interest of expediency, they nearly always suspend or defer the criminal hearing. However, if unusual circumstances exist, you may find yourself in hot water. Furthermore, avoid driving while inebriated at all costs. In Tallinn, police take a hard line against drunk driving and other traffic violations. You may well see the inside of a jail cell if you are pulled over and stoned on top of that.

Where to get cannabis/weed in Tallinn

This is a difficult one. Finding well-connected ex-pats is the finest advice I can give. Someone who knows someone is required. To say the least, believing that you’ll just happen to come across it sooner or later is wishful thinking.

If you walk through parks, you can come across someone who is smoking. You’ll almost certainly obtain a hook up if you ask around the kids in Mustamae’s Park Lepistiku. Although the rules are relatively lax, few individuals in Estonia smoke marijuana (even young people). By and large, alcohol is the drug of choice, and marijuana is simply tough to come by.

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