Get Weed in Valence

how to find weed/marijuana in Valence. Where to buy/get cannabis in Valence-Spain.

Where to buy/get cannabis in Valence-Spain. In Valence, you will have little trouble finding dozens of local ‘dealers’ who would gladly offer you hash or cannabis. They can be found in bars, parks, on the streets, and on the beach, among other places. However, the quality of the marijuana you get may be uncertain. You’ll find fantastic cannabis clubs where you can toke without fear of being arrested. Some of them include Fun Club in Plaza de Alameda de Hercules and Elefunk in Barrio de Santa Cruz. Another region where you can find cannabis is the Alameda neighborhood. Keep reading for more on how to find weed/marijuana in Valence.

Weed Smoking tolerance levelย [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 5

Cannabis Laws in Valencia

The regulations in Valencia, like in the rest of Spain, allow you to cultivate and enjoy cannabis on your own land; it is entirely legal and decriminalized. However, smoking or spreading it in public might land you in serious legal difficulties.

In Valencia, the local officers appear to be unconcerned and unconcerned. In public, you can have up to 5 grams of cannabis on you. If they discover you with it, they may fine you, seize the weed, or even burn it! However, if you have a big amount or are discovered distributing it, you may be sentenced to prison.
Simply keep safe in the presence of the cops.

Where to get weed in Valencia

Buying marijuana from dispensaries or cannabis clubs in Valencia is your best chance. It’s the most legal and secure alternative, and you’ll always have decent stuff on your hands.

Of course, you can get your weed from local dealers, coffee shops, or just folks who are eager to sell it to you. However, the quality of the weed may be poor, and if you are discovered buying weed from them in Valencia, it can be a major criminal infraction, so be careful.

It’s also possible to simply ask around at the beach. If you’re near Cabanyal Beach, there’s a neighborhood nearby where you’ll find a lot of gypsies selling marijuana.

Keep in mind that this is not a legal matter, so exercise caution.

how to find weed/marijuana in Valence. Where to buy/get cannabis in Valence-Spain.

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