Get weed in Varna, Bulgaria

Weed Smoking tolerance level [1: very illegal 5: virtually legal]= 3

Cannabis Laws in Bulgaria

Law Enforcement: Cops are notoriously corrupt. Offering a 20 Euro to someone who is recognized as a foreigner will very certainly get you into more problems. Typically, they will ask for 1000 Euros or more and agree to sell one for no less than 100-200 Euros. It’s also not a good idea to offer money before being requested to give. So, unless you want to make a great sprint, the better advice is to NEVER smoke outside. But keep in mind that night patrol officers are usually pretty fit, and you’ll find it difficult to flee, especially if you’re high.

Where to buy cannabis/weed in Varna

Try looking for some hard-looking 15-18 year olds (ideally dressed in dark, looking menacing) around the Marine Park or in the centrum if you’re a visitor. And, as always, the best lead is smell. If you notice someone who appears to be high, ask him. Discos and nightclubs are also good places to look. Vladislavovo, Vazrajhdane, Asparuhovo, and various portions of Mladost are good places to look if you’re staying in the area.

Avoid pseudo-gangsters wearing bandanas and wearing large T-shirts, as well as overweight kids wearing “KoRN” T-shirts. They have the potential to get you into trouble. If you can’t find any cannabis, get some Rakia instead. It’s legal and quite potent, so you’ll still have a good time. It’s delicious with Shopska Salata (a type of bulgarian salad)

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