Weed in Belgium

Weed in Brussels

Legislation: In Belgium, no amount of cannabis is permitted to possess; however, adults are allowed to possess up to 3g of cannabis for personal use. One female plant is also believed to be accepted. The name of the person in possession will be taken by the police, but the Belgian state will not prosecute. We’ve been told that a new law allowing for medical cannabis usage has led to police becoming more lenient with tiny amounts of non-medicinal cannabis possession. According to FA, buying or importing cannabis or its seeds is illegal.

The offenses that will be recorded in a PVS as part of the current directive will not result in the seizure of dangerous substances. As a result, the latter will be able to keep the intress. If he does so voluntarily, these substances will be seized without warning by the responsible signatory to this end in the police service.

Cannabis Laws in Brussels

In Belgium, it is unlawful to smoke cannabis, but police will only seize it if you have less than 3 to 5 grams, as in much of Europe. You may also be deemed a dealer if you have it sliced up. It depends on the police officer in front of you, as it does anywhere else.

Where to buy marijuana in Brussels

Matong is an African quarter located near the Louise metro stop. Quality and quantity are both below average, with bud being the most common. It used to be available on Rue de la Poste, but NO LONGER!! In town, you’ll generally ‘follow your nose,’ and if approached correctly, some young north african lads can assist… but be cautious. The Dutch border is an hour’s drive from Brussels, although there are frequent police checks in railway stations, and no problems traveling by car or highway. 

“The simplest thing to do is hop on a train to Holland: trains leave every hour.” Spend the day in Dordrecht or Rotterdam, then visit the coffee shops there. Dress conservatively to blend in with the commuters if you go during the day. I’ve only seen officers on the train a few times, and they seem more concerned with apprehending illegal immigrants who depart at Schipol Airport (Amsterdam).

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