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Weed in Minsk, Belarus

Weed tolerance level (1: very illegal 5:virtually legal)= 1


Marijuana, like most other hallucinogenic compounds, is strictly prohibited in Belarus. People with tiny amounts might get away with a fine or a suspended sentence under the old rule, which distinguished possession from distribution. Now that the laws have been toughened, possessing any amount of ganja can cost you anything from large bribes to 8-10 years in prison, depending on your situation and the temper of the law enforcement agents. It may be easier for a tourist to bribe his or her way out, but it will be a pain in the neck nonetheless, and trying your luck is not advised.

Cannabis Laws in Belarus

It is not always as simple to get out of trouble as it is in neighboring countries like as Russia, Ukraine, or the Baltic republics, where tourists abound and the authorities are more tolerant about such things, and bribes are more widespread. Cops in Minsk are known to occasionally break car windows with their elbows when they detect people smoking inside. Some people claim that undercover cops offer narcotics to people and then arrest them, although this is extremely unusual. If you’re caught, expect a law enforcement officer to take you seriously. Because anti-corruption rules are tight, bribing low-level officials is difficult. If you have contacts in high places, the law becomes more flexible for you.

Stay as far away from dealers and known drug hangouts as possible, as a police raid could occur at any time and you could be arrested for no cause. The cops have a raid and arrest strategy in place, so even if a cop is friendly with you, he will have to detain you because of the plan. Smoking in public is strongly discouraged, and if you must smoke outside, make sure you maintain control of the situation so that no local militia appears out of nowhere.

If you want to get high in Minsk, the common technique is to make a local acquaintance who has done similar things before. It’s dangerous to try to get high on your own.

Where to get cannabis/weed in Minsk

Even for local marijuana users, street purchases are extremely infrequent. Buying narcotics on the streets of Belarus is extremely rare, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Because there are few tourists in Minsk and the restrictions are strict, there is no street trading. There hasn’t been much talk about drug deals in bars, either.

One of the well-known locations is Zimniaya Street in Minsk’s industrial suburbs, a frightening location filled with run-down dwellings inhabited by ominous-looking gypsies and lurking gangs fueled by cheap beer. Gypsies are mostly involved in heroin trafficking, but if you want to witness the seedier side of Belarusian drug culture, find a brave local who will take you there. It is possible to obtain marijuana, but few locals are willing to take the risk.

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