Get weed in Malaga

how to get weed/marijuana in Malaga. Where to buy/get cannabis in Malaga-Spain.

Where to buy/get cannabis in Malaga-Spain. Málaga is a port city on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, famous for its high-rise hotels and resorts that rise from the yellow sand beaches. The city’s two great hilltop citadels, the Alcazaba and wrecked Gibralfaro, loom over the present cityscape as remains of Moorish dominion. One of the city’s majestic Renaissance cathedral’s towers was mysteriously left unbuilt, earning it the nickname La Manquita (“one-armed woman”). Keep reading for more on how to get weed/marijuana in Malaga.

Smoking tolerance level [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 3.5

Cannabis Laws in Malaga

Malaga’s marijuana laws are quite severe. Unfortunately, if you’re caught with even 5 grams of marijuana on your person, the cops can unleash all hell on you. It’s advisable to keep your weed at home and only enjoy it on your own property or in cannabis clubs where smoking is still permitted.
Cannabis is banned in Spain, yet if the cops catch you with it, they will most likely just confiscate your gear and leave.

Where to get weed in Malaga

Joining a Cannabis Club in Malaga and getting your weed from there is your best bet. There are a handful of dispensaries to visit as well. Of course, the last (but not least) alternative is to simply purchase marijuana from local sellers.
Now, the quality of the weed you get may be excellent or poor. To be honest, it relies on your luck and the dealer’s decision.
Keep in mind, however, that purchasing marijuana from a dealer is illegal, and if you are found, you could face serious consequences!
Stick to the cannabis clubs to stay safe!

how to get weed/marijuana in Malaga. Where to buy/get cannabis in Malaga-Spain.

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