Get Weed in Seville

how to get weed/marijuana in Seville. Where to buy/get cannabis in Seville-Spain.

Where to buy/get cannabis in Seville-Spain. Seville is the capital and largest city of Andalusia, a Spanish autonomous community and province. It’s in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, on the lower sections of the Guadalquivir River. Keep reafind for more on how to get weed/marijuana in Seville.

Weed Smoking tolerance level [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 5

Cannabis Laws in Seville

You are entirely protected by the law and will be in no danger if you grow, smoke, and enjoy the highs of this magnificent plant in your own home. The laws, on the other hand, only apply to you if you are caught doing the same thing in public.
This means that while you may see people (or even tourists) smoking in public places such as outside bars, parks, and streets, it is technically forbidden. If you are caught by a cop, you may face severe penalties.
Here’s where it gets really interesting: you can have up to 50 grams of marijuana on you and get away with it in public!

However, if you have a substantial amount of cannabis on you that is separated into smaller parts or packets, you may be subjected to penalties. You’d lead the cops to assume you’re a dealer, and if that’s the case (which is prohibited), you might face criminal penalties.

Where to get cannabis in Seville

In Sevilla, you will have little trouble finding dozens of local ‘dealers’ who would gladly offer you hash or cannabis. They can be found in bars, parks, on the streets, and on the beach, among other places. However, the quality of the marijuana you get may be uncertain.
You’ll find fantastic cannabis clubs where you can toke without fear of being arrested. Some of them include Fun Club in Plaza de Alameda de Hercules and Elefunk in Barrio de Santa Cruz. Another region where you can find cannabis is the Alameda neighborhood.

how to get weed/marijuana in Seville. Where to buy/get cannabis in Seville-Spain.

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