Get Weed in Argentina Where to Get Weed in Buenos Aires

Where to Get Weed in Buenos Aires

how to buy/get cannabis in Buenos Aires/Argentina Where to buy marijuana in Buenos Aires

Where to buy marijuana in Buenos Aires. Argentina’s large, international capital is Buenos Aires. Its main square, Plaza de Mayo, is surrounded by opulent buildings from the late 19th century, notably the famous presidential mansion with balconies, Casa Rosada. Other notable sights are the contemporary MALBA museum, which showcases Latin American art, and Teatro Colón, a large opera venue built in 1908 with approximately 2,500 seats. Keep reading for more on how to buy/get cannabis in Buenos Aires/Argentina.


Cannabis is still unlawful to sell, grow, or transport, even if it is no longer prohibited to possess small amounts of the drug. It’s also acceptable to use CBD oil, a kind of therapeutic marijuana. According to reports, anything under five grams won’t get you in trouble with the law. Possession is not prohibited; in fact, in 2009 a court in Argentina deemed marijuana possession to be a fundamental right.

Whether or not marijuana prohibitions are upheld depends a lot on the time of year. Since the city is essentially deserted in the winter, there are far fewer police officers on duty. There should be more police on the streets when summer visitors start to arrive. According to reports, officers have posed as citizens to deter people from smoking in public. Despite the fact that smoking is risky, many people nevertheless do it. Smoking is preferred on beaches with fewer visitors, including those in the south.

Where to Get Weed in Buenos Aires

Cannabis will be available for sale to a large number of individuals at different beaches, parks, and live music events. The majority of people are hospitable to travelers, so don’t be hesitant to approach strangers. They’ll probably be able to point you in the proper way even if you ask someone who doesn’t have any. When in doubt, believe your gut. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding some cannabis if you look around because it is highly popular among Argentina’s youth.

how to buy/get cannabis in Buenos Aires/Argentina Where to buy marijuana in Buenos Aires

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