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Get weed in Reykjavik

how to get weed/marijuana in Reykjavik-Ireland. Where to buy/get cannabis in Reykjavik-Iceland.

Where to buy/get cannabis in Reykjavik-Iceland. Iceland’s capital and largest city, Reykjavik, is located on the country’s coast. The National and Saga museums, which trace Iceland’s Viking history, are located here. The striking concrete Hallgrimskirkja church and rotating Perlan glass dome offer sweeping views of the sea and nearby hills. The geothermal Blue Lagoon spa, in the settlement of Grindavik, is a good example of the island’s volcanic activity. Keep reading for more on how to get weed/marijuana in Reykjavik-Ireland.

Weed Smoking tolerance level [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 3

Cannabis Laws in Reykjavik

First and foremost, congratulations on the report; you tell it like it is. I just wanted to add a tiny bit of information to your Reykjavik report.
Every year, Icelanders consume between 1,5-2 metric tons of hashish and marijuana, or roughly 6-7 grams per person.
Almost a third of the population has tested positive for marijuana at some point. Even the most adamant smokers deny smoking marijuana in polls and refuse to sign the demand for legislation form, fearful that the list will get into the hands of the police and be used to punish users.

For a first offense, the fine is relatively low and the amount is little. Drug-related offenses (including one joint) and murder, on the other hand, are the only offenses that remain on a national criminal record indefinitely.

Where to get cannabis/weed in Reykjavik

Marijuana is not well-known. On the corner, you won’t see a guy smoking a joint. However, if you strike up a conversation with a younger person in a pub (20-25) and subsequently ask him how he feels about marijuana or if we have a significant drug problem in Iceland, because you started the subject, the individual is more comfortable continuing the conversation, and you’ve struck paydirt. If the person ignores the chat, drop it and move on to the next person; our most recent information indicates that all transactions are conducted over mobile phone; before travelling, try meeting up with an Icelandic stoner on Facebook!

how to get weed/marijuana in Reykjavik-Ireland. Where to buy/get cannabis in Reykjavik-Iceland.

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