Get weed in the caribbeans Where to Get Weed in Barbados

Where to Get Weed in Barbados

how to buy/get cannabis in Barbados Where to Buy/Get Weed in Barbados

Where to Buy/Get Weed in Barbados. Barbados is a sovereign British Commonwealth country located in the eastern Caribbean. The capital’s Bridgetown has a cruise ship port with colonial structures, including the 1654-founded Nidhe Israel Synagogue. Beaches, floral gardens, the Harrison’s Cave formation, and 17th-century plantation homes like St. Nicholas Abbey can be found all across the island. Cricket, the national sport, and afternoon tea are local traditions. Continue reading for more on how to buy/get cannabis in Barbados.


Although Barbados has a complicated marijuana law, the island is close to fully legalizing recreational marijuana. The legal situation surrounding cannabis is now a little unclear. Despite the fact that selling and trafficking are prohibited and subject to imprisonment, recreational possession is a little bit more complicated.
When police are concerned about cannabis use, they typically seize the drug. There have been allegations of persons receiving fines or being made to bribe police, albeit these are often in the range of $100. Due to the strange regulations, smoking should be done with care and discretion.

Where to Get Weed in Barbados

Due to the laxer laws, marijuana is extremely simple to purchase in Barbados, and if you roam around town, you will almost likely regularly be given marijuana as well as other drugs. Dealers are plentiful around beaches and places with a thriving nightlife, and if you hang out there long enough, you’ll almost surely snag some marijuana. You might also merely ask the locals for help, particularly any young men or rastas. The weed is typically of low grade because it is growing outside. Between $50 and $100 should be the price of one half ounce of gold (16 grams). It’s always a good idea to haggle a little on the price because tourists are known for being taken advantage of.

how to buy/get cannabis in Barbados Where to Buy/Get Weed in Barbados

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